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 We are FINDA

Finda is a new way for brands and professional models to create brilliant projects together.

Through our own experiences we have learnt that there should be a new way to be a model.
Modern models are confident, inspired and independent. They want to have a strong voice in the industry, and we are working hard to make sure there are more and more professionals like them.
That’s why we created a fully-transparent online platform that encourages professional models to be the leaders of their careers.


With Finda, models have an an equal chance to get discovered by the best brands. They can accept the offers that they like, manage bookings and know exactly when payments will reach their accounts.


Finda is about becoming stronger together. By joining Finda models are becoming a part of #Findacommunity for professional and confident talent.

Get ready to participate in discussions with inspirational speakers, meet like-minded people in our parties, share your experiences and ideas at FindaVoice and do plenty of exciting things together. We are making it easy for empowered models to empower other models!

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